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Topic: SB Live + DSP factory

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    SB Live + DSP factory

    I\'m sure this happened to someone else besides me. I recently installed the DirectX drovers for the DSP Factory. Now, Gigastudio only uses that card instaed of the SB Live. I am seeing SB Live in the hardware Routing of GS and also in the Mutimedia section of the Control Panel. How can I get it to leave the poor DSP factory alone and use the card it says its using?

    Help me please.

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    Re: SB Live + DSP factory

    Why are you installing DirectXdriver for DSPFactory, when SBLive got DirectXDriver?
    Anyway, in hardware Routing select DirectSound SBLive and then push Apply, it should work! SBLive gives you only 2 Input/output channels, so I recoommend to
    purchase card with GSIF driver. I have three soundcards in my PC, and it really works well! (SW1000XG for Logic Audio,Delta Dio2496
    for Gigastudio 96, SbLiveValue for SoundFonts&Other SoftSynths(thru DirectSound))!

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    Re: SB Live + DSP factory

    Thanks marco. I fixed the problem last night (after 17 reboots). I removed the DSP direct X driver and voila problem solved.

    PS I installed the DSP driver to compare latencies between the cards and found them neck and neck (both fully acceptable)
    Thanks for the reply

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