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Topic: HELP! GS160 crash...agp card conflict?

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    HELP! GS160 crash...agp card conflict?

    I got thru the whole install/registration/restart process, and when I start GS160, I get the old Win98..\"this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down...\", which snarfs my screen up and eventually locks everything up if I don\'t immediately run RegClean. If I click on \"Details,\" it says the error was with the file V128IID.DRV, which is part of my STB Velocity 4400 graphics card drivers. The weirdest thing, is that I had another version running on the same system before, but now no version will run on it! I\'ve done complete uninstall, Norton, RegEdit search/sweep, and Windows reinstall several times, and always get the same result. I can start GS160 in Safe Mode, though! I\'m totally freaking out!!!
    Anyone have any brilliant suggestions?

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    Re: HELP! GS160 crash...agp card conflict?

    What kind of card do you have in the PCI slot next to the AGP slot? These two slots almost always share an IRQ. I recently went back to my old 8 meg ATI card which has a jumper to disable IRQ usage. I couldn\'t use my two DSP Factories and one Frontier Dakota any other way.

    Laurence Kingston

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