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Topic: Video Card problems

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    Video Card problems

    Are there many video card compatability problems with GS?

    I have a Hercules Terminator Beast AGP card and GS will not run properly (i.e. the graphics are all messed up and it crashes) unless I set my resolution to the lowest possible level.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Video Card problems

    I don\'t know if that is a TNT card that you have, but I have a Diamond Viper V550, and when using the Diamond drivers, Gigasampler always crashes, I installed the Nvidia Detonator reference drivers for the TNT and since then no problems at all. Try getting the latest drivers for your card. (You may find that if the drivers you are using have added a proprietary applet to your display settings, this might cause a problem with certain programs - my advice always try to use the standard reference drivers)

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    Re: Video Card problems

    Try taking down the Hardware acceleration in the performance section of your display proprerties.

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