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Topic: Intel i740 with gigastudio help

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    Intel i740 with gigastudio help


    I was wondering if anyone use the Intel i740 display card with gigastudio.

    It works ok, but when i run the sequencer which is cubase, gigastudio ****s itself, normally have to do a cold reset.

    I know its a issue with this display card and gigastudio, was wondering if any1 has this setup or similiar problem and has found a resolution


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    Re: Intel i740 with gigastudio help

    When I first put my pentiun 450 3 together a year and a half ago ,I put in a the intel 740 8 meg agp card .
    At that time I was running giga sampler .
    I didn\'t have probs with that program but with Cakewalk 7.0 and 8.0 and effects plug ins .
    So I called the company that I bought it from and they said that card tends to be problematic with some programs so he gave me full trade in towards a diamond 16 meg agp card and I haven\'t had any probs with that one. Ken

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