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Topic: how to measure hard drive performance?

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    how to measure hard drive performance?

    Does anyone know of a tool that allows me to measure the performance of my hard drives.
    I would like to know if my dedicated Giga-system (Celermine 700, 256MB, Ethernet 100) can stream fast enough from my main DAW with all the SCSI LVD drives. I have followed all the tips from Killerbobjr and still maxing out at about 62 voices.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: how to measure hard drive performance?


    There is a free utility available for download at www.attotech.com called Express ProTools (no relation to the Digidesign software) which will measure sustained transfer rate performance.


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    Re: how to measure hard drive performance?

    Thanks Doug,
    I\'ve tried Sandra 2001 and the results returned weren\'t to bad:
    local UDMA66 drive reports
    - access time 7ms
    - sequential read 34MB/s
    - random read 6MB/s

    the network drive is lower than what I expected, but still not to bad:
    - access time 9ms
    - sequential read 6MB/s
    - random read 4MB/s

    still can\'t get more than 62 voices before cracknpop from either drives.

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