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Topic: Is anyone using Layla24 w/ giga 3?

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    Is anyone using Layla24 w/ giga 3?

    I recently upgraded (?) from 2.54 to 3.04. I was having stability issues w/ Layla driver 6.08, so I downloaded their Beta, 6.11.

    I noticed that this driver seems to eat up a ton of CPU, as I would have one track running on my 3 Ghz pentium IV laptop and peg the CPU meter, playing a max of 106 voices.

    I re-loaded the previous driver (6.08), and can run a lot more voices, but I'm still having stability issues.

    Also, when I use GigaPiano II w/ embeded Gpulse my system pops (no matter what GSIF buffer setting), or I simply get the blue screen o'death.

    Any other Layla owners seeing similar issues?


    Len Miller

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    Re: Is anyone using Layla24 w/ giga 3?

    I sort of used the Layla24 with GS3. I put it in my computer, but later removed it because I am suppose to be buying/building another computer. I have ProTools on my computer and don't want to use ReWire. For a while, I took out my ProTools system and put GS3 with the Layla24, and I never had a problem. I was just doing it to check how the card works and sounds, and never got around to using GigaPulse. I used GS3.04 and the drivers that came with the Layla24. Sorry, maybe if I knew more about computers I could help.

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