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Topic: Brass Sounds

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    Brass Sounds

    Here is a little piece I wrote with some selfmade brasssounds.
    Alto-Sax, Tenor-Sax, Trumpet, Trombone and a warwick bass.
    All together have about 12.000 single samples.

    I´d like to know what you say,

    Chris Hein

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    Re: Brass Sounds

    I like the tune, being a teenager of the '70s.

    It must have taken you as long to count those samples as it did to record them.

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    Re: Brass Sounds

    Sounds great! When will they be ready?

    Ben H

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    Re: Brass Sounds

    I like it. Any more info? Do you have an english version of your website? I can't really under stand what's going on there...

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    Re: Brass Sounds

    That's pretty good! The samples seem well thought out. If anything it seems the shortcomings are mostly based upon programming realism and release time of the samples: there is too much overlap in what are supposed to be monophonic/legato lines. Some very cool sforzando/swell stuff in there!

    - m
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    Re: Brass Sounds

    I like the tones on everything. It starts to sound a little synthy on the faster moving lines in the solo breaks, but that's being real picky. Sounds real good!

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    Re: Brass Sounds

    Great stuff! Starts off a bit synthy but gets better and better. The ending (high trumpet hits) is awesome. How about perhaps running the instruments through a hardknee compressor to get that ultrasnappy attack? Solo trombone is great too.

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    Re: Brass Sounds

    Jeez, man! I'm really impressed!!
    As already mentioned...some faster lines sound a bit fake...Dunno what sampler you're using, but if it's GS, maybe you could fix that with some time invested in legato programming? Is there such a tool for Kontakt or others?

    Just a suggestion. Ignore it and you'll still sound AWESOME.


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    Re: Brass Sounds

    Yes indeed,
    really impressive,
    even, as this has been said before, some "synthyness" in legato fast lines remains.
    Anyway, if it's not perfect, it's better than anything else I heard in this brass style department.
    It seems to be a good time for brass this year, a lot of things are on the way...
    I also think that a more user-friendly site would be welcome : i went there several times without being able to find anything related to those samples !

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    Re: Brass Sounds

    The basic tones sound great. The programming sounds totally synthesized, and I cannot tell if this is due to what was captured in the session or the way the samples are mapped. I have too little info to make an assessment, other than that this does not work musically at all. This particular demo sounds rather like a keyboard player in a hotel lounge band.

    I think that I agree that the releases sound too long, there is no release time on a wind instrument. When the air stops, the sound stops. Also, what is being played as solo lines are very, very keyboard-istic, and not characteristic of what a horn player would play, other than some rips etc. You also really hear that the scoops are pitch-wheel driven. Real scoops sound nothing like this.

    I think you guys might need to hear more horn bands. This demo sounds almost nothing like actual horns. But the library might be a lot better than this particular demo sounds, and might move better from note to note in later incarnations if this is an early version of the mapping.

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