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Topic: GPO loaded in Kontakt

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    GPO loaded in Kontakt

    When loading GPO instruments into Kontakt, are all performance features kept? Any disadvantage to this compared to using the supplied player?
    I ask because I plan on running it on Muse Receptor which will soon run the full version of Kontakt but not necessarily the self contained, built in player.

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    Re: GPO loaded in Kontakt


    If you are talking about Kontakt 1.5 then the answer is: All features are available with one caveat. I wrote this recently in another thread:

    "The GPO instruments are designed to work in the player. The GPO player differs from the full version of Kontakt in that each instrument in the library has a corresponding text file that supplies default settings for cc20 through cc24. "Length" control is cc21 and is given a default setting of .5 for most instruments (a value of 64). This setting allows users to both shorten and lengthen the release/decay for an instrument. The full version of Kontakt does not have the ability to read the text files; only the player can do that. This means that most instruments loaded into the full version of Kontakt must have data actually placed at the beginning of the track (cc21, value64) for the instruments to playback with the releases/decays identical to the default in the player. It's an extremely valuable feature that carries a convenience penalty for those users who wish to use the the full version of Kontakt."

    If you are talking about Kontakt 2.0 then I must caution you that there are presently some problems that keep the GPO legato feature from functioning properly. We hope the fix will arrive soon.


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