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Topic: No VSL perf tool needed with GS3?

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    No VSL perf tool needed with GS3?

    Hmm.. so, I just installed GS3 last night, and am thrilled with it so far. I've just barely skimmed the surface of GigaPulse Pro, and it's amazing. I have a LOT of reading and experimentation to do.

    While skimming the manual a bit, I read up on iMidi. Did I read this right?? Is this saying that basically, with VSL's samples, you don't have to putz around with the performance tool at all, because GS3 has that functionality implemented into it?? Wow.. if so, that's incredible. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Let me know if I'm reading this right, and it's as simple as loading up the perf_leg.gig of your choice, right clicking it, choosing iMidi rules, then specifying legato.

    GS3 rocks. I also ugpraded to Sonar 4. I have a busy weekend ahead of me getting acquainted with these products...
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: No VSL perf tool needed with GS3?

    This would be correct if the VSL samples were mapped to the GS iMIDI standard (I think). But they are not, so this is not a reality.

    It might be possible to convert them, but I can't say for sure as I don't have much practical experience with the GS Editor.

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    Re: No VSL perf tool needed with GS3?

    It is possible. The VSL legato demos included with GS3 orchestra have gone through just such a process. The legato component of the performance tool was approximated using iMIDI. What that process is or how to perform it, I haven't the foggiest.

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    Re: No VSL perf tool needed with GS3?

    Sam, it sounds like a fun weekend awaits you.


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    Re: No VSL perf tool needed with GS3?

    DPDAN: Absolutely!! I plan on spending HOURS just messing around with GigaPulse Pro... amazing stuff.
    Sam Hulick

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