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Topic: SW: ROTS -- Why?

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    SW: ROTS -- Why?

    Ok - I just got out of the 12am showing of ROTS. Enjoyed the movie.

    I don't understand, though, why I hear the same tracks from the last two films in this one. I mean, they pulled the same bit of music (not re-records here- the same tracks), and placed it in there a couple of times. If they are going to pay JW a million+ to score this, why isn't he scoring the whole thing?

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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    He did score the whole thing. The same crap happened in Episode II with Episode I's music. It's a disgrace, and a bit distracting if you're familiar with his other scores. I'm sure Williams is pretty pissed off after all that work too.

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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    Could be a number of reasons why.
    - The focus of the storyline changed during Williams working process and there was no more working time available for Williams to adapt the music.
    - The film or any number of cues was re-cut *after* the score was down on tape, making cues unfit or musical messages malplaced
    - Lucas felt that a prior musical cue got the message across better than the cue Williams had done for EP3.

    Who knows ...

    I haven't seen EP3 yet, but I'm thinking ... are you really sure that it wasn't a re-recording of a similar cue? That could be rather difficult to tell after seeing it once (with all respect).
    I have the EP3 soundtrack on CD, and there are not direct duplicate cues from ep 1 or 2 in it. But then, soundtracks aren't always a direct copy from the musical track either.
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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    I'm seeing the movie this evening. I guess I'll give all of the soundtracks a listen before I go and see if it sounds like they are repeating the music. I think it would be shame if they did, seeing as how Williams wrote all of this good new music for it (Good soundtrack, but far from my favorite John Williams). Oh well, at least I can look forward to plenty for good action and special effects.

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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    The main gripe I have with Lucas these days when it comes to music is how he's letting his movies be mixed. The music - once an important part of the dramatic thrust of his films - is now marginalized. Watch the "original" three DVDs - you'll notice a huge difference in the mix from the original releases. There are some a/b comparisons out there that will really piss you off.

    Don't get me started on the quality of the dialogue writing It was never earth-shattering to begin with - and now its laughably awful.

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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    Hmmm... I also wonder if these weren't re-records. I don't know what the contracts are like in London (I'm assuming that's the orchestra.) but often times for films there is a substantial reuse fee if music from one film is used in second film.

    Of course, there could be a million reasons they might do this. If, for instance, they made picture changes after Williams was done with his score and had moved on to another film, he'd be contractually obligated to work on his current film instead of fixing Sith. So they'd make due.

    Anyway, there's always business concerns along with artistic ones that play into these decisions. And sometimes, even with a gazillion dollar budget, there's no way around a less than perfect solution.

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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    I would think reuse would be cheaper than rerecord.

    I will go see the movie again within the next week or so, but I am still in the camp that those were 'reuses' I heard.

    Maybe someone else who goes can comment as well (unless, of course, they are sleeping now from going to the 3am showing! )

    Eric Doggett
    MoonDog Media

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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    Only seen the film once, but to me it also sounded like old recordings. Or atleast the orchestra played the exact same arrangement, which isent really that typical for JW. Even if he uses his old themes, he often rearanges/orchestrates them.

    I dunno - but in general I felt the music in SITH was weak (due to mixing and editing - not composing)

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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    This might come across as an unpopular sentiment in these parts but I thought the whole film was pretty weak from a sound/music prespective (and an acting/dialogue perpective).

    I think Lucas has become so consumed with the dark side of visual effects and digital actors that he's forgetting the very things that helped make the original films so unforgettable!
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    Re: SW: ROTS -- Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by midphase
    I think Lucas has become so consumed with the dark side of visual effects and digital actors that he's forgetting the very things that helped make the original films so unforgettable!
    So well said midphase .

    I too was a bit dissapointed by the music. My brother who a normal listener and not a musician told me: "i think music not beeing on the foreground helped the feeling of emptiness you had throughout the movie" i don't know if he is right yet, but there is a point in his words.

    Personally, i'd love to have heard some new, original stuff in Episode III , this is Starwars afterall not just another "movie" .

    Still the story was good and it explained many things so i am happy on that aspect, it was kinda fast evolving true. Oh well ... now what have we to wait for the next years to come ? Not much... two years of waiting for just 2 hours of enjoyment ! We can pass the next two years watching all 6 of them in a row every day.

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