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Topic: midi problems...help needed

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    midi problems...help needed

    Hello All,

    In trying to load up GS. Everything went well, updated to 1.52. Will go to 1.6 after i get it going and have registered (4days to go). I ended up with the live card for the time being.
    PROBLEM? I cant seem to get midi in to GS. NO indication..red light etc.
    When i load a sample..there is no aduio. It says audio device being used by another application. I dont have any other application running. I have Logic on this computer as well. When i boot up logic, i dont see any option for selecting GS as a midi output. (whether i boot logic from within GS or not) I use a opcode 2port se.
    PLease help me..1) get midi into the GS and
    2) get some audio out of the GS to the live card.
    I have configured GS. Selected The 2 port/se as my source of midi in. I also selected the live card as my source of audio out.

    Running windows 98.

    Thankyou in advance fourhelp


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    Re: midi problems...help needed

    You should contact Nemesys about this. They are very helpfull and most likely know how to find your problem.

    Good luck

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    Re: midi problems...help needed

    You must set up an Environment in Logic so that you can select the Gigasampler driver. Also, make sure that you have \"connect external controller at startup\" ticked in GS and that you always load your sequencer first, before going anywhere near GS.

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    Re: midi problems...help needed

    Hello, thanks

    i have contacted Nemesys but i think theyre dwon at the moment, plus its the weekend i suppose.
    I\'ve tried everything i can think of. I reloaded the soundcard trying to not load all the unneccesary programs anddrivers. I have got \"endless wave\" as an option in Logic but its disappeared again on reboot of comp.
    I have achieved the mdid loop in GS..the red light comes on and the halo runs but NO sound. Sound card IS working.
    Gettin fustrated here.

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    Re: midi problems...help needed


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    Re: midi problems...help needed

    all is well. A new reload from scratch of the sound card and its all working. I did it about 4 times and all of sudden thisgs are cool. Logic shows up endless and im away.

    Thankyou for helping out.
    Very much appreciated


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