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Topic: Atmosphere and Triloogy Stopped Working!!! Help!!

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    Atmosphere and Triloogy Stopped Working!!! Help!!

    I just installed DP 4.5 and 4.52 consecutively, up from 4.12. Asmosphere and Triology have stopped working. I have updated both to 1.2.1 and nothing helps. The instruments open in the project windows but no signal is sent (including when I use the preview function on the instrument). Stylus RMX works just fine as does Mach5. I have not uninstalled DP4.12 yet...would this help? What can I do? I'm running Panther (10.3.9) on a Dual 1.8 G5. Please help, I have a huge project due on June 1st! Thanks.

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    Re: Atmosphere and Triloogy Stopped Working!!! Help!!

    Close DP
    Go to the Mac hard drive,
    User/Library/Preferences/Digital Performer/AU info cache.
    Drag AU info cache to the trash
    empty the trash
    Open DP

    DP will now re-examine the AU plugs and they should work just great!


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    Re: Atmosphere and Triloogy Stopped Working!!! Help!!

    Hi--there is a known problem with Spectrasonics plugins under DP 4.52. After you open a project you have to do one of two things, either open the hardware setup and close it (without making any changes), or toggle the bit depth back and forth. Either causes the MAS engine to reinitialize, and the plugins should work now.

    The other solution is to use the VST versions under a wrapper program (like VSTWrapper). Then it works flawlessly. I got tired of waiting for the reinitialization each time, and took the plunge to VSTWrapper, and haven't had any problems.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Atmosphere and Triloogy Stopped Working!!! Help!!

    Same here. You really need to get the VST/AU wrapper. They will work fine, although I still get some crashes when quitting the DP 4.5.2 if Atmosphere and Trilogy are loaded. Seems to be happening less and less though. Stylus RMX works just fine.



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