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Topic: Incoming signal too hot

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    Incoming signal too hot

    The incoming signal to GStudio 160 is in the red most of the time. It seems to make no difference if I am coming from Cakewalk 9.03 or Finale 2001. Of couse, I am getting distortion. Is there a way to adjust the incoming signal? I adjusted the attenuation to -10db, but that only affects what is going out, not what is coming in.



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    Re: Incoming signal too hot

    Then, is there a way to solve the problem? Do I have to cut the midi back some way? Can you not use 120 - 127 for velocity?



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    Re: Incoming signal too hot



    If it\'s the cute meter in the midi mixer you\'re talking about, it\'s just giving you an idea of the incoming midi velocity for that channel. That\'s not necessarily even related to level, although it usually is. For example it\'s possible to feed 127 velocity into the channel, but have velocity assigned to LFO modulation depth and NOT level. So you don\'t really need to use the meter as anything but a general guide.

    You can use any part of the velocity range that sounds good, and ignore the change from green to red - it\'s just eye candy.

    127 midi velocity CANNOT cause audio distortion within Gigasampler under normal conditions. That meter is NOT an audio meter.

    Worry about levels in the DSP stuff and the inputs to your external audio mixer - they\'re real.

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    Re: Incoming signal too hot

    There is no incoming audio signal, only MIDI.

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    Re: Incoming signal too hot

    Thanks Chadwick!

    It\'s not that easy being \"green\".


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