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Topic: Vcache: what's the final word?

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    Vcache: what\'s the final word?

    I\'ve read that some user suggest to lower the v cache to 2048 but another had the best performance rising it to 48000!
    Can anyone that tried this mod comment on the subject?

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    Re: Vcache: what\'s the final word?


    How much ram do you have? This will be the determining factor. All I can say is for me (with 256 megs of ram) the setting of 48000 works great (160 notes of polyphony everytime) and the with the setting of 2048 I get about 70 notes of polyphony.


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    Re: Vcache: what\'s the final word?

    Tks for your answer.I only have 192, so I\'ll add more ram and try your settings. After all, I can go back to the old ones if does not work for me.
    Does someone else cares to comment about their personal findings?

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    Re: Vcache: what\'s the final word?

    I have 128 megs pc100 ram .Can you tell me the best v cashe setting for that amount of ram ?
    And do I leave the minimum setting at zero?
    Thanks , Ken

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