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Topic: Atmosphere error ID -5000

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    Atmosphere error ID -5000

    Hi Guys,

    Even after trashing and recreating the alias of the .dat file I get :

    The Uvi engine reported an error
    Could not load .dat file.

    error ID -5000
    error ID -5000

    Glenn ? Eric ? anyone ?
    Just don't tell me the big file is corupted ....... ;-)

    Thanks for helping

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    Re: Atmosphere error ID -5000

    What is the exact name of the .dat alias file? It can't have "alias" or "shortcut" or anything like that in the name.

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    Re: Atmosphere error ID -5000

    Well, it is Atmosphere.dat.
    If it was not exactly that, the error message would be different.


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    Re: Atmosphere error ID -5000

    Try using the actual .dat file instead of an alias and see if that works.


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    Re: Atmosphere error ID -5000

    Copied the file to the component folder, and I got the same error, so...... lets reintall.


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