I have recently been using a Gigasampler and have encountered clicking at higher polyphony usage. The clicking seems to be related to the MOTU 2408 buffer settings (obviously ; ) but there seem to be no other signs that there is a problem.

I seem to have to leave the buffer setting at 512 or higher. If I set them any lower (for acceptable latency) clicking occurs in correlation with drive activity.

The drive does not seem to be driven too hard nor does the CPU usage meter show any usage over %50. The memory does not go over %40 either. This is only with the Gigapiano loaded.

I have read many posts regarding these clicking problems but fail to come to a conclusion as to what precisely the problem is. i am curious as to what needs to be upgraded in order to rectify this problem. Or are we expecting this to be repairable in a future 2408 driver. Any suggestions are appreciated.

The setup I am using is.
750 Thunderbird, ASUS motherboard
128 RAM
35 GB ATA100 (for everything)
USB MIDI interface
MOTU 2408

Thanks : )