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Topic: How about multiple HDs?

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    How about multiple HDs?

    Thinking about improving the performance of GS, and bearing in mind that the price of HDs are very cheap these days, what would be the improvement in using more than one HD for streaming the sounds from?
    Like (for example) having Gigapiano (which is very disk intensive) in a separate drive and the rest of the instruments in other? This way, when the program need to access many piano notes do not conflict with the rest of the other simultaneous instruments.
    Does it make ay sense?

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    Re: How about multiple HDs?

    I recently read that this was a good idea. I just can\'t remember where...

    Don\'t forget that (from the Nemesys newsletter):

    Adding another device to the same IDE connector can drag the polyphony down 30 or more notes in some cases. The Primary IDE connector should have the system hard drive as the master and the CD-ROM drive as the slave. You can add more drives to the
    secondary IDE connector but keep in mind that it could result in a loss of polyphony.

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    Re: How about multiple HDs?

    In my case I have a motherboard with 4 IDE ports so my 2 Hd\'s are wired as masters. The DVD and the Cd recorder are on their own bus.
    Is strange that we have no official word on this issue fromNemesys. I use this technique in my Pro Tools DAW to increase the number of voices and for that setup it works like a charm.

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