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Topic: is monophonic possible?

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    is monophonic possible?

    I need to set my sampler to a polyphony of 1 in order to trigger loops from my drum kit. I hit a pad and it stops the loop while starting the new loop. I also set a pad up as a stop button with a blank sample. As far as I know I can only achieve this with the polyphony set as monophonic. My GS LE only does a minimum of 12 notes.

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    Re: is monophonic possible?

    Until Gigasampler is upgraded, the easy way around this is to get Gigastudio which allows you to use \'keygroups\'.

    When samples belong to the same keygroup, they cut each other off when they play one after another. It\'s most commonly used for hihats, but would work for your scenario.

    Failing an upgrade to Gigastudio, the other possibility is to \'max out\' the sampler so that it thinks you\'re playing 12 notes when you aren\'t.

    A region can actually contain up to 32 samples, in various modes.

    You could setup all your pad notes so that they trigger regions which Gigasampler thinks contain 12 samples/voices.

    Try this:

    1. Put the Gigasampler into minimal polyphony mode. You said 12 voice - right?

    2. Make up the drum loop .wavs you want to use.

    3. Make up a (stereo) silent .wav. This will be used to fill \'fake\' dimensions in your 12 voice regions.

    4. Now make a region for each of the loops you want to trigger. These regions should be able to take your \'real\' stereo drum loop as well as 5 other stereo LAYERS.

    Layering or crossfading regions is the key, because Gigasampler plays all the samples in a layer or crossfade at the same time. So if you tell it to play a region with 6 x Stereo layers, Gigasampler has to assign 12 voices to do the job.

    What I\'m hoping for here is that with a max polyphony of 12, if you tell the machine to play one 12 note region, and then play another, it\'ll cut off the first so that it can use those 12 voices to play the second - as you need.

    The silent .wavs are only there because I have a feeling that Gigasampler is smart enough to tell that an \'empty\' layer doesn\'t need a voice allocated to it.

    5. Make an extra 12 voice region totally out of the silent .wav, for use as your stop key.

    I haven\'t tried this, and don\'t have the Gigasampler LE - so I might be telling you to do something which it can\'t.

    Maybe this\'ll give you some other ideas anyway.

    Good luck

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    Re: is monophonic possible?

    Thanks for the advice! I was wondering if what you described was a possibility. I\'ll try to see what I can come up with, and post my results.

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