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Topic: Does anyone use a two moniter setup?

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    Does anyone use a two moniter setup?

    Is anyone using using a two moniter setup out there? Running Gigastudio on one moniter and your Sequencer on the other? Was just looking at the inexpensive GeForce 2 MX video cards out there (around $125) with twin moniter feature. Seems to me to be productivity enhancer, just wondering if anyone has tried this yet and if so what are your experiences?

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    Re: Does anyone use a two moniter setup?

    I have 2 x 17\" monitors running from Matrox G400 dualhead card. Once you have used dualhead, you cannot ever go back. There is also some card that allows up to 4 screens (but where to put all those screens, *that* is the question ).

    Just one thing to be aware of - certain monitors will interfere with each other when brought too close together (e.g. less than 15cm), especially when their frame rate is the same. So if you can, check this before you buy.

    I usually end up running my sequencer (Logic) over 2 screens, rather than GSt on the one and the seq on the other.

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    Re: Does anyone use a two moniter setup?

    The only quirky thing about two monitors is getting used to the fact that the application which you are currently absorbed in may NOT necessarily be the one which responds to the keyboard.

    I got myself into all kinds of confusion for a while because I was Looking at my sequencer, hitting Logic ketboard shortcuts while the most recently \'touched\' app was actually Gigastudio (or Vice versa). I found out lots of interesting things about what the numeric keypad does to gigasampler sliders

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