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Topic: Impulses in Cooledit

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    Cool Impulses in Cooledit

    Hello all,
    I've tried using reverb impulses in Cool edit with very little luck. It seems to invariably make the signal extreamly low after processing the impulse - so low that if I boost it there become noticable hiss or distortion (very noticable). Does anyone else have this issue? Do I just not know what I'm doing? Anyone sharring good free impulses?




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    Re: Impulses in Cooledit

    Hello TNM ,

    I have the same problem with Cool Edit , the only way around it seems to be setting Volume to around 1.000% to 10.000% . Still , the attack of the impulse is smudged ( You could still mix paste the result on the original track )
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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