I have been running Gigastudio 96 on a Pentium III-600 with 128 MB of RAM and the Darla24 card since April with no problems. I have it on a dedicated computer with no other programs running. I have been using only the Miroslav String Ensemble library.

Last week I purchased the Dan Dean Solo Strings. I also bought another 128MB of memory. This wasn\'t enough so I bought another 128 for a total of 384MB. I am getting a random popping/clicking noise once every few minutes or so, but it doesn\'t appear to be periodic. So I got another 128 MB of memory and now I have 512MB of RAM. I am using the latest version of Gigastudio and the latest Darla driver.

Does anybody have a clue as to what is wrong? I have defragged my drive, ran Scandisc and DMA is checked. If anybody can help me with this I would be most appreciative.


Jerry Gerber