For those Giga 3 users getting the dreaded 'Unknown System Error - Error downloading instrument', I think I may have, at the very least, discovered why this happens.

P4 3 ghz
3 gigs PC3200 ram

So I was loading up a huge Giga session and got the error of doom when giga's memory hit 64%. I saved the session and stopped trying to load more instruments.

I decided to try different memory configurations using giga's System Settings control panel. The highest I was able to get the memory usage was 64% (991 MB) using Preset 4.

When I went to reload my huge sample session and the instruments were getting mapped, I started to get the error of doom way before 64% at around 45%! Despite the fact my 'Preset 4' memory configuration yielded higher memory usage. Plus, most of the samples I had loaded did not even get loaded in the quicksound window (the loaded portion of the window, not the borwser). Huge Pain when you are loading 30-50 samples every time!

So I closed giga without saving the session, and went back to the system config control panel and tried Preset 3 which yielded a slightly lower memory return (980).

When I re-opened my session, all of the instruments loaded up without problem. No error of doom during the intial sample loading.

This must mean that the problem lies in that registry entry that gets tweaked when you use the different presets.

Any tascam guys trolling the forums, PLEASE TAKE NOTE AND FIX THIS SOON PLEAAASSSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!