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Topic: Question about Hard Drive Controllers

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    Question about Hard Drive Controllers

    If I buy HD controller PCI for my computer, will I get 2/4 additional Drive controllers (including the motherboard controllers)? Or will I have to choose whether to use, either, the motherboard controllers or the PCI Controller. This is of course UDMA/ATA not SCSI, I know I can put additional SCSI\'s IN.

    Whatabout a RAID controller card. I\'ld like to use my existing computer as a central server for the next two computers I plan to buy, and I\'ld like to keep the Hard Drives on that system and network them to the Giga computer and the Audio/sequencer computer.

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    Re: Question about Hard Drive Controllers

    The onboard controllers are going to be using IRQs 14-15. If you have two other IRQs available for the 2 additional new controllers, they can be the tertiary and quarternary ports. But your new controller will have to be one that doesn\'t mind \"playing second fiddle\". You might find it easier doing what you desire with SCSI, since its controller will only need one IRQ for all the drives on the SCSI chain.

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    Re: Question about Hard Drive Controllers

    by \"secondary fiddle\" do you mean they\'ll have slower response, or am I missing it completely.

    Would it be better to switch off onboard controllers and jsut use the cards. The reason I ask is that I\'ld really like to build a RAID setup for better speeds. I\'d like to use one server setup for GIGS on what may end up being a multiple gigastudio setup in the future.

    thx for the help. The bank \"accidentaly\" blocked my credit card and issued me a new one that will be here in 10 days, so I\'ve got some time to really look into a setup before I buy.....grrrrr,...but then again...maybe its good

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    Re: Question about Hard Drive Controllers

    An extra IDE card will typically add 2 ports - however my experience is that (at least some) cards introduce an additional 25 - 30 ms latency which is bad news for giga.

    I don\'t know about the raid - as far as i recall from an earlier discussion, it is doubtfull if this will improve performance; it may even reduce it because of the redudancy.

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