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Topic: attack of the mold monsters

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    Unhappy attack of the mold monsters

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    ok this is really freaking me out. about 9 mos a go we had a huge storm that sent a tree smashing into our neighbors apt . my home studio is 2 apts down!
    now it appear mold may be developing. whenever i am at my studio i start to get sick, showing all of the signs of mold sickness. at first i thought it was just atlanta's insanely hi smog and allergy levels. so i am on line looking at these mold sites. all of them say you have to leave asap if the residence test positive . .
    what are the landlords obligations? what if this mold is in my DAWS? how do I clean it? what about my speakers? has any one been through this?

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    Re: attack of the mold monsters


    I'm not sure what the landlord's responsibilities are, but I'm sure you do have some rights. Has the landlord agreed to have your place tested? The other thing to look into is a dehumidifier to keep the moisture levels under control. Be careful, though, you don't necessarily want your studio to be bone dry.

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    Re: attack of the mold monsters

    Bone dry is great for electronics, but not so good for wooden instruments. It really depends on what equipment you have. With your mold problem, I'd go for bone dry!


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