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Topic: CD spin up crashes Gigastudio

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    CD spin up crashes Gigastudio


    I\'ve mentioned this to Nemesys before, but I wasn\'t too certain about it.
    Now I am.

    If I\'m doing file conversion with S-converter and continuously browsing through Akai programmes on the CD rom drive everything works fine. However, if I go to another task not requiring CD rom drive access and leave the drive to \'go to sleep\', next time I click
    on a file the drive starts to spin up I get an error message saying that Gigastudio has performed an illegal operation and will close

    This has happened three times in the last two hours and the circumstances were identical each time. The drive I\'m using is a Mat****a CD-RW model 7585.

    Any idea about what\'s causing this?


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    Re: CD spin up crashes Gigastudio

    Very bad programming on Nemesys\' part... Their S-Convert has always been flaky. But now integrated in GStudio, it poses a much greater problem, as it will crash the whole program. Look at CD Extract - never crashes. Hell look at any other program DARING to use one of those MODERN CD-ROM DRIVES - they WORK!

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    Re: CD spin up crashes Gigastudio


    Anyone notice the **** censoring out half of my CD drive manufacturer\'s name!!!!

    I didn\'t put that there, the UBB code did


    hehe, classic.

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