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Topic: Modwheel Revisited

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    Modwheel Revisited

    Greetings All,

    I've lurked here for a long time and have received, by proxy, much good advice!

    But there's a fundamental problem i've had since i got the GPO package for xmas - i've never been able to write mod wheel data into cubase (SX 1.02). I'm pretty beginner with all this, i can't work it out myself so i have to post! I've read through all the threads on modwheels i can find but either i'm misunderstanding something really simple or... i don't know what.
    My keyboard doesn't have a mod wheel, so i had thought to record the track and write the modwheel data in afterwards by setting the Write Automation active on the channel i want, hitting record and then moving the modwheel on Kontact with the mouse. This is how i use other VST instruments.
    But after this process i set the track to "Read Automation", it hasn't written anything into any data track. Just to make sure i wasn't using the wrong track i set every track to universal "Write Automation" and afterwards "Read Automation", but the blue data tracks don't show any variation (like they would if i was moving knobs on the A1 synth for example).

    Is there a very basic step by step process for writing modwheel data into cubase with the mouse?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Re: Modwheel Revisited

    I may be wrong here, but I don't think you can use any of the keys, knobs, sliders, faders or anything in GPO's Kontakt player for programming.

    You need a keyboard with a mod wheel, or you could always use a different controller on your keyboard to record the mod wheel data into the midi track with "overdub". After that is done, re-assign the data in the midi track to CC#1 (mod wheel).
    Cubase will then take that data and treat it as mod wheel (CC#1)
    as long as Cubase has this feature.
    hope that helps!


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    Re: Modwheel Revisited

    Curses, thanks for the input! But then it's a VST instrument and it has R/W buttons on it... suspicious! o_0

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    Re: Modwheel Revisited


    The graphic mod wheel on the player interface is there as a convenient testing feature, nothing more. Any data generated by the graphic mod wheel is internal to the plugin. That data is not routed back to your sequencer tracks to be recorded in the way external MIDI data can be recorded.

    If you don't have a hardware keyboard controller with a mod wheel then the easiest way for you to deal with this in Cubase is to "draw" your cc#1 data into your tracks. In CubaseSX2 (the only version I have available) the procedure is to open the Key Editor, make sure there is a controller display at the bottom, choose "modulation" as the controller, pick the "pencil" tool, and draw in the cc#1 data in any shape you need - it will be aligned with the piano roll note data above. Check your Cubase manual, if you need a reminder, for more detailed information on the use of the Key Editor for entering controller data. The same procedure can also be applied for all other active controllers used by GPO (cc#16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 64, optional 7 and 10, and velocity.)


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    Re: Modwheel Revisited

    Thanks DPDAN and Tom - I shall start saving for a nice new keyboard that has plenty of room for assigning things to it, but for now i'll use this pencil technique - it works like a charm so far!


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    Re: Modwheel Revisited

    I know I can speak for Tom when I say.... glad to help

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    Re: Modwheel Revisited

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    I know I can speak for Tom when I say.... glad to help
    Dan is now my official spokesperson.


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