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Topic: RMX - Max CPU Usage

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    Unhappy RMX - Max CPU Usage

    I use Atmospheres and all is ok, I also use Trilogy and all is ok but i have recently purchased RMX and when i add RMX as a pluggin it starts to use up my CPU usage. I have a Cubase SL file that is at 70% CPU usage when i am not even playing the file! When i switch off RMX (and just use atmospheres and trilogy) the usage goes down to 12% !! Any ideas? as with 4 RMX pluggins it has hit 100% and will not play the song. It's strange that only RMX does this. I have a 2Ghz pc with 768mb RAM and windows xp. Any advise for a setting chage would make my day ! thank you!

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    Re: RMX - Max CPU Usage

    That cpu usage does sound unusually high. That's not enough memory for RMX of course, so that might be part of the problem. Also, RMX is multi-timbral, so it would be very rare to have a need for 4 instances. And be sure you're using the latest version. But, different RMX multis use different amounts of cpu, so it's impossible to say how much the cpu usage should be without seeing the multi in question. For tips on reducing cpu usage with RMX, check the FAQs at

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX - Max CPU Usage

    I have to agree with Glenn - RMX will let you have 8 'instances' of old Stylus grooves, 32 grooves in play on one song? Sounds like you're using it as a single timbre. Shut down the other 3 instances and switch to tracks 2-4, load your grooves there.

    And definitely up your RAM. I use 2G and would like more...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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