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Topic: I am hearing things! Collaboration needed.

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    Post I am hearing things! Collaboration needed.

    I am hearing original symphonic music in my head that I am not skilled enough to play myself. Would anyone here be interested in collaborating with me? I could send the melody lines/ideas in MP3 format and someone could help me take it to the next level.

    Perhaps others on this forum would have advice as to how to collaborate online successfully (i.e., logistics, legalities, etc.). Then again, if there are any collaborators in the Denver/Colorado Springs area, we could collaborate in person.
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    Re: I am hearing things! Collaboration needed.

    I am hearing original symphonic music in my head all the time!

    My advice would be to go ahead and record your ideas into your computer or a tape recorder (I've even used my cell phone sometimes). Once you have it recorded you won't have to worry about losing it.

    Then comes the hard part. Sit down at your computer or a keyboard and just try your best to mimic what you hear in your head. It will be difficult, especially at first. I'm sure just about nobody here is a complete master at putting what they hear in their head to GPO. It's a skill that, like playing an instrument, requires time and dedication, and there is hardly a simple way. But it is all worthwhile.

    Being able to hear it in your head is probably one of the most important things, so it's good that you have that down! Hope this helps.

    (P.S. I currently have 69 Overture files, 8 of which are complete pieces, and the rest are either just ideas or unfinished works!)
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    Re: I am hearing things! Collaboration needed.

    How are ya doing Phlange.
    You're not alone. Sean has some good advice as to recording what you hear right away on some sort of device. I use a mini digital pocket recorder that gives me enough time to set ideas down in one normal workday. I sing them in. Try it even with an old portable tape deck!

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