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Topic: Gigastudio and Creamware Pulsar

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    Gigastudio and Creamware Pulsar

    Hi there! I am going to buy Gigastudio and a
    Creamware Pulsar soundcard. Is someone here
    using this solutions and knows how it works?
    Best regards,

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    Re: Gigastudio and Creamware Pulsar

    Hey UWV,

    I\'m using Pulsar. Logic (midi only) and Gigastudio.

    Depending on the instruments loaded, I get between 60 and 115 voices in Giga. I haven\'t tried the GSFIX utility yet though.

    I\'ve had to disable the audio part of Logic.

    I haven\'t played much with Pulsar, but adding synths and mixer effects in Pulsar doesn\'t seem to load the main cpu much at all - this is obviously taken care of by the sharc chips.

    I\'m a little disturbed that an enquiry I made a month ago as to the state of the gsif drivers for Pulsar has met with no reply.

    Pulsar is a lot of fun though, and a great complement to Gigastudio.

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