If i load up to about 1 gig in an instance of kontakt, (1 gig in the upper right display....using dfd), K2, along with my host crashes....when the prompt to send the report to microsoft displays, it displays the problem in module NI_DFD_130....Now i've always used kontakt to load up large templates, usually orchestral, of very large instruments, and so with K2 adding flexibility with the instrument bank, i've been working on a new template....(1 instance for brass, 1 for strings, etc) but now i can't even load up 2, let alone all instances needed....and if i go up to 1 gig in a single instance, it crashes....(if using multiple instances it crashes when total in task manager is 1.5 gigs) what i want to know is if this is my problem alone, and its working ok for everyone else this way, or if it's the software....Any other power-users please respond, if not with a solution, just with an acknowlegement that it works fine for them or not....

my pc is fine, as kontakt 1.53 works fine.

my pc is xp pro, 3.06 ghz P4, 3.5 gigs of ram, with the /3 gb switch activated.

any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!!