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Topic: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

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    Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    I\'m putting together a computer just for Gigisampler. I\'ve just got an Aark 20/20 sound card. I already have an Athlon 700 MHZ. Does this work well or do I need to have a PIII?

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    Aark posted some problems with AMD, so you need to contact them. I believe the problems were with certain chipsets on the motherboard and not with the AMD cpu. I think that there are no more problems with the newer motherboards, but go right to the horses mouth (Aark) to confirm this. I plan on building a new system in January when the new batch of motherboards will be out there for AMD, which will include DDR ram support, as well as ATA100 hard drive controllers. There may be a price war between AMD and Intel also. As of this week you can now get a 1gig AMD Thunderbird Athlon cpu for $275. This may go down another $50 by January. By using DDR ram you will also get a 15% to 20% system performance increase for little or no extra money. I\'ll be looking at the Aark 24 soundboard, and hopefully there will be no problems.

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    Hey Doc,
    Nice to see someone has the same plan as me. I\'ve been holding out for the new DDR Thunderbird chipsets myself. Are you going for the AMD 760 chipset or will you hold out for VIA\'s offering?

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    From what I\'ve gleened from watching overclocker sites, the AMD chipset should be better than VIA\'s and available sooner. ALI is also making a DDR ram compatible / Athlon chipset. AMD recently at a computer show/conference showed a working prototype motherboard using their 761MP chipset (the multiprocessor version of the 760 chipset). Just think, not to far in the future you will be able to put up to four of these motherboards in one computer with each motherboard containing two cheap thunderbirds. Nobody will be talking about having to use two computers to get Gigastudio and a sequencer to play nice together. You could even multitask a couple gigastudios at the same time to give you 320/480/640 voices at the same time. My bet is this technology will be cheaply available a year from now. Trouble is that the software and operating system will have to change to allow multiple motherboards/ 8 CPU\'s at the same time. \"Parallel Computing\" for a desktop PC like this was predicted by a friend of mine nearly 20 years ago, (wish he would have given me some lotto numbers). Check out overclockers.com, they recently posted an article with another angle on this. Using a cheap Duron 800 socket A, with a VIA motherboard and cheapo generic SDRAM, and waiting until mid/late next year to upgrade that system. I did the math, an ASUS A7V, and Duron 800 are $235. PC100 generic SDRAM 128 meg sticks are $60 each, a Nvidia Geforce MX video card is around $100. IBM Deskstar 75GXP, 30 gig, 7200rpm, ATA100, 2meg buffer, are $145 each. If you already have PC100 or PC133 SDRAM, you\'ll even save more. Its something to consider if you have some of this stuff already (like the ram) in another computer. I think I\'m still gonna wait til January.

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    UPDATE: I talked directly with a tech at Aardvark, there are no incompatibilities using the newer (present) VIA chipset and an AMD cpu, the past problem was with the AMD 751 chipset, specifically the chip that controlled the PCI buss as it could not handle the bandwidth a high end soundcard puts on the PCI buss (controller chip was fine for majority of desktop users, musicians were just screwed). I asked about the upcoming chipsets and the tech said that AMD has been very good about sending motherboards to Aardvark to test for compatibility once they are out on the market. A good suggestion that he made was if you didn\'t want to wait for Aardvark to test the motherboards that are coming out, then buy your computer parts and soundcard from a supplier that has a good return policy on an opened item (such as guitar center for the soundcard) (this suggestion applies to all brands of soundcards to find out if it works with your setup and software). Still have my eye on an Aark 24 in the near future, given it\'s multiclient / multi sample rate that many others dont have and it\'s ADAT / midi / balanced ins and outs; I think this may be the best bang for the buck of all the eight channel 24 bit soundcards. If 20 bit will do for you (it will for many) Aardvark is blowing out its Aark 20/20 for a reduced price directly, just go to their site (you\'ll have to use a search engine as someother site uses the Aardvark domain name).

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    DOC, good thought!
    Generally I like your ideas but don\'t forget that, in order to support multiple CPU solution, we need the WinNT or Win2000 platform for all applications even soundcard drivers...Hopefuly Nemesy will provides its platform just in-time (about less than a year). Rather than that I don\'t see other isues. Any other thought?

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    Thanks Doc! You\'ve been a great help! I\'ll have to check out what chipset my motherboard is. Hopefully it\'s the Via. It\'s a compaq presario.

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    What about Duron 600 oc\'ed to 900.

    Asus a7v
    duron 600 oc\'ed to 850 or 900 MHz
    256 MB PC133 RAM
    2 x IBM 75GXP 30 GB

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    Re: Do Athlon processers work well with Gigisampler?

    Victor, not that much price difference between Duron 600 & 800, some might not like to overclock, and they have been having good sucess overclocking the Duron 800 to over a gig with good air cooler ( I think the 800\'s use copper where the 600\'s are aluminum). Anyway there are some cheap options out there for sure.

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