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Topic: Am I missing something?

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    Am I missing something?

    You probably get posts like this all the time here, but I figured asking now was better than waiting for Nemesys to write me back.

    I have a pretty basic system attepting to run Gigastudio 96:
    PC100 motherboard with a Celeron 533
    128MB of ram
    two UDMA hard drives:
    one Ultra ATA/66 20GB drive
    one (brand new) Maxtor Ultra ATA/100 30GB drive
    My soundcard is an EgoSys WaMi Rack 24.

    After spending plenty of money (as you all can relate to) on custom PC parts and a pricey new soundcard, not to mention the software and samples, I get the ubiquitous popcorn crackle when playing any instrument with a large number of voices. Playing any chord with more than 3-4 notes on Gigapiano for example produces this effect, and the more voices, the more crackle.

    Thinking the problem was running Gigastudio and my .gig files on the same hard drive, I threw down $200 the other day for the Maxtor drive and a Ultra100 controller card. Guess what?
    I still have the problem.

    Things I\'ve tried:
    1) checking the DMA box. My smaller drive had this box until I gave it a new UDMA driver, and my Maxtor drive has no such box to check.
    2) specifying virtual memory. I\'ve tried all sorts of Virtual Memory settings and it hasn\'t helped.
    3) telling my computer it\'s being used as a network server in Performance Settings.
    4) screaming and crying. Computers show little empathy for humans.
    5) contacting Nemesys Music support. It\'s been two weeks and no reply.

    The only thing I haven\'t tried is getting a new driver for my new hard drive (i.e., newer than the one Win98 provides. I\'ve read that graphics can be problem when running a sequenceer, but I don\'t see how adjusting the video card would help since I get this problem even with Gigastudio running alone AND minimized.

    Am I missing some big important point that hasn\'t been spelled out to me? I\'ve spent plenty of cash and time on this system, yet I haven\'t even gotten down to writing any music on it because of this issues.

    Has anyone had the same problem and found a sure-fire solution?

    If you\'ve made it to the bottom of this rant, thank you. If you take the time to reply, thank you even more.


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    Re: Am I missing something?

    I did a search for posts on the EgoSys WaMi Rack. Turns out the newest BETA update for Gigastudio is supposed to fix an \"audio breakup at low polyphony\" problem for these cards. If this fix works then at least I got new hard drive out of it!


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    Re: Am I missing something?

    The first things I’d suggest is to pull the Ultra100 card, and run the drives from your motherboard IDE, one on each channel. Worth a try.

    Defrgamenting your drives goes without saying, so I just said it.

    I’ve seen other posts about pops with the WaMi Rack. Hopefully, someone who’s worked it out will post how they did it.

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