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Topic: Stylus: CLASSIC vs RMX presets? HELP...

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    Stylus: CLASSIC vs RMX presets? HELP...

    I feel really stupid, but hopefully somebody can sort me out easily.

    What I think has happened is that I had a MIDI track routed to the Classic Stylus, but I can't figure out how to find that sound in RMX!

    Here's the deal:
    I had a track with classic stylus, finished about a year ago, maybe longer. When the mix was done, I archived (like usual) all the tracks to AUDIO in Cubase, so that if I ever had to re-open the file, I would just be messing with audio, and not trying to get VSTi's and patches reconnected. (I've been there, it's HORRIBLE... Updates and patch changes, what a nightmare!)

    Of COURSE, I now find a song I MUST re-mix for this guy (on a deadline), where for SOME reason I did NOT archive the SNARE track to an audio file. The whole song was archived but just not this one SNARE track. And now I've updated Cubase to SX3, and Stylus to RMX, and have no idea how to find that original snare sound -- which was KILLER, by the way. It literally made the whole drum track, you know?!? (Stylus sounds have a way of doing that, don't they!!)...

    The only "clue" I have is that the MIDI track in Cubase is called "Snares menu7" -- I have no idea what that means, but I vaguely remember the now-called "Classic Stylus" had menu's of snare sounds, so maybe that's what that's referring to? And the ONLY notes (hits) are on the note "F2", if that gives any more clue to whoever can help me...

    If all those 'classic' sounds/samples are in RMX, how do I find which snare sound I had?!? OR, am I just screwy, and this probably wasn't a Stylus track?!?

    Please don't tell me I need to uninstall Stylus RMX, re-install the original, archive that track, and then reinstall RMX!!! I'm sure that's not necessary -- but I just don't know how to find that snare sound... Maybe I naively think Spectrasonics has a "chart" or something of where the sounds went?!?

    Any help you guys can give me (pronto) is TOTALLY appreciated!!

    p.s.--if this were a "normal" project, I would just find another similar snare sound and let it go at that -- but this guy has constantly FREAKED over that stupid snare sound, and don't forget, he's been "living" with the original recording for over a year -- he already commented, "Oh, gee -- the snare sounds weird and different from what you had before"... Aaaarrrrgh!!

    p.s.s.--and I will also say, I love what Sampletank has done in this regard, in giving you an "archive" button, that actually saves all the samples and everything from every Sampletank preset used in a project -- just saves copies of it all right there in your project folder!! How cool is THAT for needing to open up a year-old track?!?

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    Re: Stylus: CLASSIC vs RMX presets? HELP...

    Installing RMX does not interfere with your already-installed Stylus Classic. You can have both installed...they are separate plugins. In other words, there is no reason why installing RMX should interfere with your old song that you are trying to reopen. The only explanation I can think of is that you removed Stylus Classic from your system for some reason. If so, simply put it back and your old song should open just fine. Even archived sampletank tracks won't restore properly if you've deleted the plugin :-).

    - Glenn

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    Re: Stylus: CLASSIC vs RMX presets? HELP...


    Duh.... Thanks...

    Yeah, since that track was "finished" (at least a year ago), I have moved countries and bought a new computer and all that... So I had never installed the "old" Stylus on this particular machine -- just been using RMX since I got that.

    Man -- you guys are so cool. I find myself using RMX on just about every track. Sometimes it's just one little blip or whatever -- but I swear, I LOVE that thing...

    Okay, so I'll install the old Stylus on this machine and hopefully that will get me sorted!!!

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    Re: Stylus: CLASSIC vs RMX presets? HELP...

    Or just find the same groove - they're all in there under Classic Stylus...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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