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Topic: Logic 7 and GPO: 2 Questions

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    Logic 7 and GPO: 2 Questions

    For anyone who is using Logic Pro 7 (or 7.1 - hooray for no crashes!) I have a couple of quick questions:

    1) What method(s) do you use to automate volume for the instruments? Do you set the "mod wheel" control to its max value and then automate using Logic's volume automation, or do you automate the actual "mod wheel" data?

    2) Does anyone have any useful "templates" they'd like to share? Anything from quartets to full-orchestral setups. I think the ability to share these templates is a greatly underrated feature in Logic.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Logic 7 and GPO: 2 Questions

    I just use the mod wheel and the mod data gets recorded along with the notes. You can even set it full pos. and just record the notes.

    Then hit shift return to make another track, then record the mod data in that separate track.

    Both ways seem to work.

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    Re: Logic 7 and GPO: 2 Questions

    What's the easiest method between the two in terms of being able to go back and alter volume levels with Logic and GPO after recording them a first time? I was initially assuming that there was a way to use track-based automation and assign an external hardware controller (for eg., the actual mod wheel of my synth) such that when I moved it, my movements would be tracked and the volume would rise and fall (since volume in GPO is controlled by the mod wheel as we all know). Afterwards, I presumed that I could use that same external controller using track-based "Touch" automation to make any changes to the mod wheel (volume) levels I had originally made. But I can't for the life of me figure out if this is the approach I'm supposed to take and what the simplest way to enter and then edit mod wheel (volume) data is in Logic 7. Thanks for any help!
    - robjohn
    Logic 7.0, GPO (updated) with GPO Studio, Powermac G5 dual 2 ghz, 4 gigs of ram

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    Re: Logic 7 and GPO: 2 Questions

    Well, after I enter it in real tme ith mod wheel, I go to the matrix editor and edit the mod wheel data via that view with the pencil tool,

    When i really mess up on a spot I either undo and replay or I erase that spot and replay the mod wheel in that place and time.

    I find there's no need to use 'Touch' in Logic with GPO since mod wheel can do it. If later one wants to alter the whole tracks volume while keeping the relationship of rise and dips of the mod wheel data, then Touch or Latch could be handy that way. Especially since it won't alter the mod data.
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