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Topic: Is anyone using Firewire?

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    Is anyone using Firewire?

    I\'m wondering if anyone is using Firewire drives for their Giga station. And how good the multidrive possibilities work with Firewire. I\'m thining of building a new system, but may jsut go with an out of the box solution with Firewire, and upgrade the memory to 512k. If not, then maybe build a box, but I\'d need some suggestions on firewire compatable cards/motherboards. The new Sony 1Ghz Vaio may be the out of box solution for me. I may rip the burner and DVD player out to put into my old computer. And then buy one or two 45 Gig firewire drives for my audio/GIGs

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    Re: Is anyone using Firewire?

    My understanding is that the firewire spec is fine for hard drives and Gigastudio. The problem is that all the available firewire drives so far are converted IDE drives with non-busmastering control and are unsuitable for Gigastudio as such.

    Another possiblility might be to use a drive accessed through ethernet. I\'ve started another thread asking about how well this works because I\'m really not sure. It would be nice to be able to use an \"out of the box\" PC for Gigastudio. I would love to be able to use a laptop myself. Ethernet might be the way to do this. I\'m sure that eventually some high-performance \"native firewire\" drives will come out that will work as well.

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    Re: Is anyone using Firewire?


    Could you explain to me why Giga needs Bus mastering to work? As well, could you point me in a good direction/link that discusses Firewire/IEEE 1394 audio capabilities, or what people are hoping for with it. I may still go with the Vaio if options for firewire are to open up. As well I could put a good UDMA 7200 drive in there that could hold me over till then....or hell jsut wait for the new computers..I jsut have a bad case of GAS

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