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Topic: Jazz Real Books

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    Jazz Real Books

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    I found this link


    Is this "legal" to sell these Real Books as pdf...?

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    Re: Jazz Real Books

    Whoa wait a minute. When I was in school Jazz was my secondary instrument.

    We had the 'Legit' fake books and paid about $40. I mean we were required for some classes and ensembles to have these things.

    So I thought there were the Fake books (which were like xeroxed) and you had the legit ones called 'The REAL Fake book.'



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    Re: Jazz Real Books

    We used "The Real Book" when I was at Berklee.

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    Re: Jazz Real Books

    I have the Real Book too. But those clearly look like they've been hand written. No copyright signs of any kind.

    I bought mine from a guy selling them out the back of his car.

    So I'm a little hazy as to these very books being in PDF format.

    I mean, are we past legality here. Certainly sounds convenient.

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    Re: Jazz Real Books

    They're horribly illegal, I'm sure. It's also illegal to play those tunes at gigs around town, at weddings, etc.

    But everybody did it. We were students.

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    Re: Jazz Real Books

    Hal Leonard now publishes legal versions of the old hand-written illegal "Real Books":


    And they're even cheaper than they were when they were bootlegs- about $15 per volume. I highly doubt that selling PDFs of this material is, or ever was, legal.

    The "New Real Book" series published by Sher Music is (and always has been) legal:


    These are also handwritten but they're very crisp and clean. However I think Hal Leonard is cleaning up the old messy real books, not simply reprinting them.

    I've seen a CDROM of PDFs of real book scans. I don't know who did it though. Many of the pages were scanned off center, contast was poor, and there was lots of scanner noise in the images. It looked like somebody scanned them from a sheet feeder with no touchups whatsoever. In any case I think you're better off getting your own hardcopy books so you have clean charts to work with.

    - Steve

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    Re: Jazz Real Books

    Quote Originally Posted by synergy543
    If you're looking for hypocrisy....look no further:


    I guess after you buy this illegal book you just get born again?
    Except it is legal.


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    Re: Jazz Real Books

    Yeah...looks like it.

    A "fake" fake book.

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    Re: Jazz Real Books


    Is this "legal" to sell these Real Books as pdf...?
    The Bass Real Book ?

    The Russian Fake Book ? ?

    The Colorado Cookbook ! ! ! LOL ! !

    And of course no author or editor...

    I found this :
    Here you have the authors...

    There is many legal options.

    I had an handwritten fake book in the past, I thought it was Warner’s books :

    (I found this funny thing too : http://www.thomann.de/thoiw9_artikel...9113a3704c4d2e
    Really don’t know what’s in it.)

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