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Topic: How many watts for 3 drives?

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    How many watts for 3 drives?

    i'm thinking of adding a 3rd drive to one of my giga machines. it currently has an Antec 350watt power supply. is that enough juice?

    this will be a second sample drive in addition to the system drive and sample drive that is there already. i built another machine w/ 3 drives recently and used a 450watt power supply just to be safe.


    John DeBorde

    Composer of Music for Film, TV and Interactive Media

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    Re: How many watts for 3 drives?

    It should be fine. Antec makes solid supplies, so that's likely a real 350W, rather than just a marketing number.

    I used to have a 300W Fortron in my PC - but it's been tested to give a solid 390W before it gracefully shuts down. And I ran three drives in that machine successfully.

    I've since upgraded to a top rated 400W supply, but that was mainly because I was building a new machine, and this supply is even quieter than that Fortron.

    If you find that the machine is flakey, upgrade the supply. Fortunately, Giga is a great stress tester. If the machine is no longer solid, you'll know it soon enough!


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    Re: How many watts for 3 drives?

    Yeah, it'll probably be fine... I have an Antec 350 w. with 3 drives and no problems.
    But, I recently used this power supply calculator
    and found that I'm pretty much at the top end of my power supply's capacity, so I'm considering upgrading at some point to be safe, and to leave room for expansion.
    Dane Hawkes DiAnda
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    Re: How many watts for 3 drives?

    In an older review by Tom's Hardware they found that the Antek 380 had way more power than 380 watts. I'd imagine that your 350 is similarly spec'd.


    Here's the front page of the review.


    I bought a number of Fortron supplied (branded as Verax in the review). They're only $25 or so, are solid and are relatively quiet.

    My new supply is a Seasonics Super Silencer 400W that's so quiet it's scary. About $90 at Frys.


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    Smile Re: How many watts for 3 drives?


    thanks guys!!!

    John DeBorde

    Composer of Music for Film, TV and Interactive Media

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