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Topic: Candy demos up!!!

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    Thumbs up Candy demos up!!!

    The Candy sax VSTi demos are finally up at www.yellowtools.com

    Ben H

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    Re: Candy demos up!!!

    the honking bari, and some of the fx are passable.

    The soprano, tenor and most of the alto stuff sounds pretty fake unfortunately.

    Still, one of the better things out there.

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    Re: Candy demos up!!!

    I thought the soprano in demo 2 sounded rather nice. Unfortunately I thought the rest was on a par with patches found in my Roland RS-9.

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    Re: Candy demos up!!!

    In the first demo, I thought the bari was cool AND the running notes on the soprano were ok.

    In the second demo, I thought that the soprano was ok. I think what tells me it is not believable is the attack. The vibrato is ok.

    In the third demo, the efxs are cool. Hmmmm if it were free, I get the libarary. I'm trying to think of how to use the soprano: Coltrane-Impresssions? Mr PC, Hmmmm maybe I should start transcribing a chorus or two.

    Yeah, I think I want to hear some hard core BOP



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    Re: Candy demos up!!!

    having listened to the demos I would have to say that I think I will try Liquid Sax.

    Nothing I have heard even comes close to the sound of LS. It's just a matter whether or not you can create the melodies you want and how long it will take.

    As far as sounding like a sax... LS is just simply stunning.



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    Re: Candy demos up!!!

    You're right, the sound of Liquid Sax can't be beat but it's not really aimed at players... it will be great for those who's working methods it suits but I think I'll wait on Garritan's Big Band. Hope that wait is reasonably short!!

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    Re: Candy demos up!!!

    Thought the demos were cool. Gave me some ideas of what to do when I have the real thing.

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