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Topic: New Cubase/Nuendo/Giga System

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    New Cubase/Nuendo/Giga System

    Hey guys,I\'ve been scouring thru these forums for the last month learning from your \'real world\' encounters. I\'ve tried to pay attention, and now I too am about to join the ranks. I hate to post another \"Does this gear configuration work?\" type message, but I\'ve been amazed by the member support here for complex and simple questions alike...so here is my baptism into new waters.....

    I\'m basically starting from scratch with a new studio..my needs as a producer-programmer need me to be portable....my current studio is not portable. I am building a Cubase/Nuendo/Gigastudio system so that basically I\'ll have one keyboard, my rackmounted computer, and a couple of monitors (hopefully a flatscreen if I can afford when all is said and done!)

    So this is my question: In the \'real world\' do I need a dedicated computer for giga or can I get full performance out of one. My needs for giga will be to sequence with cubase, then transfer my giga tracks into nuendo to finally mix with the rest of my session trax. Although it\'s theory in my head, I\'ve read a lot of posts about users having conflicts running applications side-by-side. My \'real world\' scenerio is ofcourse the cost of a second computer. I have a second computer plugged into my budget, but if i don\'t REALY need it, then there are soooo many other things i could use that money on (formula, diapers, etc.)

    Here is what I plan on building:

    Cubase/Nuendo Computer:
    Athlon 900 overclocked to 1 Ghz
    Asus a7v
    IBM 75gxp 15 gig for programs
    IBM 75gxp 30 gig for audio
    256 MB of crucial pc133 cas 2 ram
    hammerfall 9652 card for cubase/nuendo
    hammerfall audio 8 i/o
    Antec 4U rackmount

    Giga Computer:
    Athlon 900 overclocked to 1 Ghz
    Asus a7v
    IBM 75gxp 15 gig for programs
    IBM 75gxp 30-40 gig for gigs
    256 MB of crucial pc133 cas 2 ram
    40x cdrom
    antec 2 or 3 unit rackmount

    At the moment this is what I plan on...no mixer for instance - everything internal. Am I missing something?
    Can I realistically run giga on the same computer? (it will be my main ax)
    Anyone else archiving to DVDRam?
    On one computer will the Hamerfall card take care of giga at the same, or can I install sie-by-side the wami and the hammerfall?

    Sorry for the long post...but as all of us at one point were newby\'s, ANY suggestion before you unload thousands of dollars is helpful. Thanks in advance and God bless!


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    Re: New Cubase/Nuendo/Giga System

    Hey Steve,

    I hate to rain on your single PC idea, but I\'ve got to say that all my worries would probably be gone if I had a two PC system.

    I\'ve got PIII800, Pulsar 2 audio card, 256mb ram, a bunch of Ultra ata66 drives etc. I\'m running the Pulsar environment, Gigastudio 160 and Logic audio platinum 4.5.

    So far I\'ve turned off the audio side of Logic because of a bunch of Asio errors (generated while trying to run the GSIF, not Logic audio!), and I can\'t get better than 50-120 voices without either delays or in the case of one sequence, a repeatable system lock up.

    The guys who put my PC together solve people\'s Logic, Cubase, Paris etc., problems every day. They\'ve put heaps of DAW systems together, and when I have a problem they just look at Gigastudio and shake their heads as if to say - \'You\'re a tightass, buy a second PC.\'

    I\'m still tring to get better polyphony because a second pc = more soundcard/midi card/fast HD/megaram investment, and I just can\'t bear sinking that much more into it at the moment.

    Good luck

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    Re: New Cubase/Nuendo/Giga System

    The Valley,
    Your Idea is great, two PCs are a little \"over-kill\", it should works and also a matter of complexity setup. I like this!

    With the single PC would does the job or not? I don\'t have the good answer for it, however I\'m having the 1Gh-768M@133 here, it is still not quite exactly what I want but it could does the Job with an external digital mixing board (see the first song I\'ve just mixed with my new single supper fast PC)

    Please note that, the song is not 100% completed mixdown. Just a testing purpose, your input is also a greatly appreciated.

    The idea is try to have a single PC first (1Gh@133MhRAM), then determine the needs for the giga. It is true that three/four application programs like MIDI, Giga, DSP and Audio are running side-by-side very tough jobs within a PC...might be it can be done when you are satifying with No. of tracks (MIDI, Giga and Audio).
    Good lucks,

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