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Topic: Pops/noise with Quantum Fireball Plus LM

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    Pops/noise with Quantum Fireball Plus LM

    Greetings... I\'m new to PC\'s, and just bought one to run Gigasampler exclusively.

    I\'m getting the popping and noise described by others, when playing the Gigapiano sample. It worsens when the sustain pedal is pressed down.

    I have a secondary HD dedicated to samples; it\'s a Quantum Fireball Plus LM (7200 RPM, 8.5 ms) which exceeds the requirements.

    My PC is a Celeron 600, on a \"PC133\" system board (I think that\'s the company - it\'s a Socket 370). It\'s got 128 megs RAM.

    The soundcard is a Delta DIO 2496.

    Any advice? Thanks

    Jim C.

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    Re: Pops/noise with Quantum Fireball Plus LM

    Try messing with your video card settings. Sometimes that could cause pops if the resolution is too high. Also, check to make sure that the drive is set to DMA mode in your device manager. I hope its not the Delta card, I just ordered the same one a few days ago!

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