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Topic: About Piano Sympathetic Resonance Scripts

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    About Piano Sympathetic Resonance Scripts

    Hi everybody,

    I read a seven pages thread about this topic but I still have some doubts.

    - Do Oliver & Mezo scripts work on every piano library?
    - Is it necessary to load Self Mask script before Oliver & Mezo scripts for accurate performance?
    - Where can I download the lastest versions of Oliver & Mezo scripts?
    - Someone posted a new version of Self Mask script (version 2.0). Is it included in Kontakt 2.0.1 update?

    Thank you in advanced.


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    Re: About Piano Sympathetic Resonance Scripts

    See here http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=34243

    This script will work on every piano, via customization. A Self Mask fonction is included in.

    The latest Self Mask posted (version 2.0) is not included in K2.01.002. But it will in next (I think).

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