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Topic: Problem with digidesign

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    Problem with digidesign

    Hi all!
    I\'m running protools Le 5.01 with the digidesign audiomedia 3 sound-device. How do i get gigasampler to work with this device? Is there a patch to download?
    Thanx in advance

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    Re: Problem with digidesign

    No chance!
    Digidesign AM3 is neither Direct X compatible nor do they have GSIF drivers.
    AM3 will not support Giga in the near nor the far future.
    To make Giga work on your system you need to get an additional card which is either Direct X or has GSIF drivers.

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    Re: Problem with digidesign

    Thanx for reply. Is it possible to run windows with 2 audiodevices at the same time?

    I suppose i just connect the output of other device to input of AM3?
    Can i please get someone else\'s opinion about this?

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    Re: Problem with digidesign

    Simple answer is yes.
    Just a reference, I used to have three soundcards in same system. They\'ve added more latency to the realtime recording and each one would used about up to 5~15% system\'s resources (CPU, MEM).
    Make sure that they are PnP compatible (ISA/PCI), and they are own DMAs/IRQs (no conflicted or shared IRQ/DMA).
    Conclusion: best performance for giga, see the hardware recommendation at Nemesy. The compatible GSIF with multiclient soundcard is functional like the multiple soundcards.
    Good lucks,

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