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Topic: My first composition.

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    Red face First piece

    Hi to everybody,

    I would like you to listen to my first composition. Well, i know it is not a wonder but i've put all my illusions on it.

    You can download it from the url below.

    I'm 20 years old and i'm from Spain. I don't have formal music studies, just basic school ones, but... i think that making amateur music today is not quite difficult. I do this just like a hobby for personal listening. Nobody who knows me know that i make this kind of things.

    I know that you'll find many many many structural, tonal, and whatever mistakes on this composition, but I'll be very pleased if anyone could leave any comments about it.

    And, of course, i hope you enjoy with this piece.

    Thank you for your time.
    My first piece:


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    Re: My first composition.

    Nice! what brass and percussion samples are you using?

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    Re: My first composition.

    Arek, I like the composition. You should not do this in secret, other people would like it too.
    Your main theme is however giving me a problem. The first two bars of this is a replica of Adeste Fideles. If you intended to use this for some reason, then there is nothing wrong with it at all. If it was unintentional, then consider changing it so it is not that exact match.
    I like your orchestration and your mixing of the piece too.
    Keep going, do not get discouraged, many great composers "borrowed" melodies. One was Wagner, from Liszt. When Liszt heard about it, he said that Wagner KNEW where to go for good ideas...( As you know, Liszt was Wagner's father in law).



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    Re: My first composition.

    Arek, this sounds great. This doesn't sound amateurish at all. You have a great sense of arrangement and structure. Nice drum sound. The main theme does have a little bit "come all ye faithful" thing going on (christmas song), but whatever. good job.

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    Re: My first composition.

    First of all thank you to everybody

    oooops OMG I have to recognize that the similarities with Adeste Fideles were not deliberate. The subconscious has betrayed me.

    I'll put hands to work to change it, of course.

    The percussion samples are all free and collected throughout the net. I used G-Town Sounds Church Stomps, Sam True Strike Demo sets and Sam Freebie Snare (Far).

    As soon as i finish the new version i'll post it here.

    Thank you for your time.
    My first piece:


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    Re: My first composition.

    Very nice, Arek!!
    Once I thought I'd come up with a GREAT idea when suddenly it hit me! I was rewriting Brittin's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra main theme!!
    I felt so stupid
    Even with the Adaste Fideles thing going on, it sounds magnificant, imo!

    Great work!


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    Thumbs up Re: My first composition.


    Hi arek, this is a very good first composition and the voice-leading is good too so it's a strong piece harmonicly. I would consider to modulate to other keys etc. and close it with a huge Tutti.

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    Smile Re: My first composition.

    Thank you for your comments.

    I've been thinking in introducing a minimal variant into the main theme to make it less similar to the beginning of the Adeste Fideles one. Perhaps changing the third note, now G3, to E4. But it sounds me... how to say... i feel that the rest of the theme fails. It doesn't fit correctly.

    Falcon1 said not to change the theme. Certainly, i developed it according to those first notes and changing more than a note breaks me the theme structure. But if i change that third note it sounds me 'rare'.

    I like how it is now. In fact my idea was this . The similarity was totally unconscious.

    Any ideas?

    What do you think about the mixing? Should i reinforce any part?

    Falcon1. What do you mean when you said?:
    I would consider to modulate to other keys etc. and close it with a huge Tutti.

    Thank you to everybody and, one more time, thank you for your time.

    P.D.. I just do this as an auto-didactic exercise, just for personal listening. I don't have professional intentions .
    My first piece:


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    Re: My first composition.

    Arek, you did a beautiful job... Don't worry too much now if it sounds like something else, don't change it... Just write more pieces of music, and you'll get better at this...

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    Re: My first composition.

    Can you please tell me what instruments those drums are? I've been trying to find that out for quite a while now...

    The piece is awesome, simply

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