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Topic: Help! Studio no longer works!!

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    Help! Studio no longer works!!

    I was using GPO studio a few weeks ago without a problem. I did get an error message saying that recording would not be possible, but I ignored it since I can record using Total Recorder. Now I am unable to use Studio and get the following error windows:

    Window Title: Modem #1 Line Playback (out)
    Portaudio error (-9997): Invalid sample rate

    Window Title: Error
    Unable to initialize audio driver

    Window Title: Major application fault! Please send your PersonalOrchestraStud...
    X Access Violation

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Studio, no help

    Please someone help me.
    Richard Ratner

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    Re: Help! Studio no longer works!!

    Sounds like you have a sample rate mismatch between your soundcard and GPO Studio. If GPO Studio will not start so you can change the sample rate there you may need to open the configuration menu for your soundcard and adjust the sample rate there until you find the right one. That's all I can come up with.

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