I intend to buy a string library within the next two months. I want to know if anyone is aware of any of the popular string libraries being used in a movie I can buy on DVD (or even a trailer) Or one that is used on TV today etc. I seem to recall the Monk was done with Garritan Orchestral Strings but I think I'd like to go with something newer... . I'm sure I've heard the swell of the Prince William demo from SISS on something with Robin Williams' face on the screen - like maybe a promotion for buying more DVDs from fox or something if not an actual preview. The Train pursuit from their demo section also sound slighly familiar but, I don't know if that is my mind wanting to believe something or not. I am leaning towrds SISS because I like their sound and I'm expecting they will be easy to use without much tweeking. I also like their size of sound. I've listened to the demos for the VSL Chamber Strings and I have to say besides Illness and recovery I'm unimpressed which I assume doesn't mean it is a bad product just that it is harder to get a convincing result.
Although the cost is about $200-$300 more I am considering the idea of VSL's first addition strings. Which also leads me to wonder if I'm really being too stuborn in not considering Garritan orchestral strings because it is now only $600 and I've not counted them but I'm sure it probably has more articulations available than SISS but, maybe not so many as VSL's First Addition.
I'm sure people will want to tell me about GPO and Opus 1 and EWQL Silver and Gold but, What I WANT are good strings with lots of articulations - hopefully that I can get to sound good without spending 10 hours todo 10 seconds of music. If for example GPO contained as many and as high of quality (which the demos I've heard wouldn't lead me to believe) of strings as SISS I'd consider it - same for Opus 1.
I do appologize if people want to start flaming because I'm afraid I've rambled a bit really all I want to know is if anyone can point out real uses (as opposed to demos downloaded from a company's website) where these libraries have been used professionally.

Thanks in advance
Thomas Martin