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Topic: GigaStudio, Mixtreme and clock problems...

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    GigaStudio, Mixtreme and clock problems...

    Okay, Gigastudio is currently knocking out some kind of jitter through the Mixtreme. I\'ve reduced the problem as much as i can by disabling dither, but unfortunately i still get jitter when you actually play.
    The Mixtreme is being clocked at 180 degree phase inversion through an Otari UF24 digital re-router which needs the phase inversion to correctly comply with TDIF-1 format !$*??

    Sound Forge works completely correctly with no jitter or distortion, so i know that the Mixtreme is correctly clocked. Gigastudio kicks out this jitter distortion whenever you hit a key. Its like the clock tollerance of GS is rubbish or something.

    Is this something that the update sorts out? Unfortunately you cant get to find out what the update updates as you have to register the product - i cant do that because im a dealer, and Nemesys dont deem it necessary to give me access even though i build GS systems all the time.

    Untold fraustration.
    Any ideas gratefully received. Also WordClock doesnt seem to be working through the Mixtreme if anyone has anything on that too!!

    Robin http://www.pc-music.com

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    Re: GigaStudio, Mixtreme and clock problems...

    Isn\'t the whole point of word clocking a system to remove clock jitter and garbage caused by lack of sync?

    Maybe setting up a wordclock master for your mixtreme will solve the Giga problem??

    Haven\'t seen a specific solution addressing your problem, but this was in it one version of the release readme;

    5. Audio was breaking up at low polyphony on the following
    audio hardware:
    Mixtreme SoundScape.
    EgoSys WamiRack/2496
    MidiMan Delta 1010
    NOTE: This may not be a complete list of audio hardware which was suffering
    from this issue.

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