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Topic: Problems S-Converting "Virtuoso Strings"

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    Problems S-Converting \"Virtuoso Strings\"

    Ilio\'s Virtuoso Strings is a great String Library but unfortunately I have struck problems converting it.

    Virtuoso Strings (Akai)comes on 3 CDs and is a great library. I currently have M
    Vitous, Denny Jaeger and Synclavier for both my E4 and SCII, but Virtuoso is
    the real business and is a major reason I am switching to GS!

    I have now batch converted all of the three CDs into
    Gigasampler format on my hard drive and have struck two significant
    1. Some of the voices utilise 2 Akai programs with velocity crossfades and I
    have used \"Combine to Gig\" to convert them properly. Unfortunately this has
    not converted properly and the resultant Gig voice has no velocity zones. I
    can enter the patch editor and load the second velocity layer by hand as the
    samples have been transfered but it means that the voice may not sound like
    the author intended and the transfer from expresive to hard attack is quite

    2. Some of the voices have converted over with audio gaps in the keyboard.
    An inspection with the patch editor reveals that there are indeed samples
    mapped to these keys and they appear in the sample list as being there but
    they make no sound. Unfortunately this problem afflicts the most usable of
    the volumes, namely the 8 violin section, which is a very good sound for
    modern pop strings. There are two areas of the keyboard where the sound
    disappears. I have tried erasing the afflicted patches and reconverting
    individually to no avail.

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    Re: Problems S-Converting \"Virtuoso Strings\"

    Further to My first message.
    1. I have upgraded to Gigasampler 1.6.
    2. I still have the problem.
    3. I carried out the following test.

    I loaded in the Akai program 8VN ESPONLY using S-Convert. This 8 violin voice would be the workhorse string
    patch for me (if I could get it to work)!! Just as before the patch played
    from G1 (the lowest note on a fiddle) but a hole appeared at the first D
    note that was 3 or 4 regions wide then the next region played then another 2
    region gap then the patch played fine to the top of the keyboard. I enetered
    patch editor and noted that at the D note on the keyboard the sample 058
    VNESD#1 -LR was mapped. It had a length in samples so I presumed it to be
    there. I erased the region and extended the lower sample VNESC#1 -LR so that
    it covered the D note on the keyboard. Voila, sound, albeit tranposed above
    it\'s intended range. I reduced the region occupied by VNESC#1 -LR to its
    original 2 semitone size leaving a gap in the region map at D and D#. I then
    imported the missing sample from the CD Rom as a WAV. file and entered it in
    the a new region in the gap in the region map. Still no sound.

    I have deduced therefore that the problem is either in the way that
    Gigasampler converts some Akai samples in \"Virtuoso Strings\" to Giga format
    or that the actual samples on CD Rom are slightly corrupt. As I said before
    this patch converted perfectly into a friend\'s Creamware Pulsar. I have
    also had no problem so far converting other Akai programs to GS.

    The problem seems to occur in only about 10% of the \"Virtuoso Strings\"
    library but it seems to be to the most important programs. If itb was
    possible to fix using the patch editor I would be happy to persevere as the
    library sounds great (When I can hear it). I desperately need help. Any ideas out there?
    Regards James Hall

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    Re: Problems S-Converting \"Virtuoso Strings\"

    I have the same problems. I have not put as much time into it as you have, but I believe there are no corrupt samples on your disk. My experience with S Converter is that it is not always 100%. If anyone has the answers I would appreciate it as well.

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    Re: Problems S-Converting \"Virtuoso Strings\"

    I converted virtuoso strings too and found a lot of problems. But you all have to know the AKAI converter works in a simple way and has still a lot of problems. Also the structure of complex AKAI and GS programs is different, so a simple conversion will never catch the whole thing! I programmed the Advance Orchestra Library completely new which takes a three months, because it was simply impossible to realize a professional product by simple conversion.

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    Re: Problems S-Converting \"Virtuoso Strings\"

    Great to hear I\'m not the only one with this problem. If I could work out how to get the raw samples across from the CD Rom it would allow me to repair the voices. Any idea how to do that?

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    Re: Problems S-Converting \"Virtuoso Strings\"

    To convert raw samples, have you tried the \"import waves\" feature of the S-converter? That will convert the waves and put them in individual folders and keep the micro tuning, the names and the root note (unity note) and the loops. These waves are then ready for the wizard tool in the editor. If this process creates corrupted waves, that would be very unexpected. Let us know if that happens.

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    Re: Problems S-Converting \"Virtuoso Strings\"

    Further to my earlier postings.I have tried every way to convert the Akai version of Ilio\'s Virtuoso Strings to my Gigasampler. If I convert to gig, combine to gig (where appropriate) or import WAV files and use the instrument Wizard I still get the same result: missing keygroups in most voices. The F1 keygroup is a consistent missing sound, but usually accompanied by others. If I convert to Wav files and open the WAV files in the sample editor THEY PLAY, but sound a bit grainy. Yet when they are in the gig. instrument they do not make a sound. The problem seems to be a problem with S-Convert not reading the CD properly. As I said \"Creamware Pulsar\" converted them fine (to it\'s own format). Interestingly the library comes with a warning that Emu owners should order the specific Emu edition as the Akai version will not be read properly by the E4. I am desperate to use this library, any ideas from you guys yet? regards James Hall, musician composer, www.soundtrax.co.nz

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