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Topic: GiGa and Mitreme

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    GiGa and Mitreme

    Been spending the last few days trying to get Giga to see mixtreme as sound card of choice. Had to keep creative labs card in for use with cdrw...but giga only sees it and not the 8 channel GSIF compatible mixtreme....Also giga install can\'t open giga piano cd to enable me register the product...hence I can\'t get into giga support email or I wouldn\'t be bothering you all here...

    Here are my system specs:
    Abit BE-6-2 440BX
    Pentium 3 750 slot 1
    Maxtor 30.7GB (audio)
    Maxtor 10.2GB (system)
    256MB PC 100
    Plextor 12x10x32x
    ATI Xpert 98 8MB
    Teac 1.44MB
    Mitsumi keyboard
    Microsoft intellimouse
    Win 98 SE
    #A50 Case
    Linksys 10/100 ethernet LAN card
    Cakewalk Proaudio 9
    Creative Labs Ensoniq sound card
    Soundscape mixtreme
    Soundscape 8 channel analog box
    Giga Studio 96

    So far I have been recording giga into cakewalk but midi giga is slipping so bad as to be useless......would like to be able to not have to go out to analog mixer for giga...Have tried numerous things to solve the problem even totally disabling creative labs card (giga totally crashes then opens with completely blank hardware router options.

    Any ideas? Would be much appreciated......


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    Re: GiGa and Mitreme

    I can\'t tell from your post if any other programs will recognize your Mixtreme. If not, you may want to reinstall, try swapping the cards in the other slots.

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