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Topic: Boomwhacker samples?

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    Boomwhacker samples?

    Does anybody know of a source for Boomwhacker samples? My searches haven't turned up anything. I'm looking for cheap (preferably free) samples, since I could buy an entire set of Boomwhackers for about 80 USD and sample them myself. I'll probably do that eventually anyway, but I could use some samples immediately.

    If you're unfamiliar with Boomwhackers, they're simple plastic tubes that produce a pitch when you hit them on something. They're primarily marketed as a music education product, but they're cool as a percussion instrument in their own right. Here's a link to an audio clip (many more at the boomwhackers.com site):


    Thanks in advance,

    - Steve

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    dc studios attempted this in their percussion library. Even used boomwhackers to hit the marimba and vibes (I think).

    I got the percussion library but it was sent to me incomplete, still as just wav files that I had to assemble myself.

    Not a huge deal but disappointing. I'd personally stay clear of their business.

    And other than that I haven't seen another library.

    I sampled the pentatonic ones. I think I got it somewhere. If you PM me I can probably send you it. But I sampled it in my home...noise all around. Been awhile since I used them and I'm not sure how great they sound.

    I'll look for them.

    It would be a GS 2 file.

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    If you really needed them, I could probably sample a set from one of the grade schools, but not until I'm done writing the marching band drill.

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    My pupils all seem to believe that boomwhackers are actually lightsabers. My lessons quite often include a re-enactment of the death of Obi Wan, killed by Darth Vader's deadly C#.

    It's true that they have a cool sound though. I already asked about samples of boomwhackers once, and someone suggested that boobams were probably a similar sound (I don't know whether this is true or not), of which there are several sets around.

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    Boobams sound more like a PVC pipe marimba than the boomwhackers...but they would work for you.

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    Thanks for the all the offers of help. I'm kind of surprised that no one has boomwhacker samples readily available. In the short term I definitely need chromatic samples, as I'm trying to mock up a rather tricky passage in a tune I did (which was not originally written for boomwhackers) for a group who's trying to play the tune on boomwhackers. But I can do my mockup with a xylophone or temple block sound or something.

    In the longer term, I'll try to get a complete set and sample them with as many articulations as makes sense. Maybe I can borrow a set from a school that doesn't need them over the summer. If not I'll just buy some.

    Since boomwhackers are easier to come by than boobams anyway, I'll probably just sample the real thing. But boobam samples would also be nice.

    - Steve

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    Funny....you must have missed Marty's post!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    You could always hire the Blue Man Group for a day.

    That was a joke, but that could actually make for an interesting sample lib.

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    Just finished downloading the DC Studios Boomwhackers in Kontakt format. They came with the Kontakt program already made and everything.

    I haven't been on the forum long enough to know why Donnie Christian gets such a bad press, but he seems pretty nice to me. All I had to do was e-mail him and he instantly agreed to make the Boomwhackers available as an individual download and asked me what kind of price I had in mind.

    If all developers were as flexible as that life would be so great for us users.

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    Re: Boomwhacker samples?

    He IS a very nice guy. No doubt about that.

    But at this point I think he's having to bend over backwards to get his biz back to normal.

    I'm not really sure how many folks are actually ordering from him, so that may allot him some time to be accomodative to others.

    As I said, it's not that he didn't send me my product, but I had to be very firm with him that I would cancel my order and go thru my credit card to get my money back. I ordered in Spt/Oct. 2004. Didn't get my product until December. Then when i got the product it was mostly aiffs and wav files.

    Ok. Some might think...well at least I got the raw material to make my own samples.

    But still the website gives the imprssion that the package is done and ready to load and play. Even the few files that were ready were not that crisp and trimmed.

    Anyway, I made my own EXS sample files and I'm okay with that.

    He's a good guy. But that last experience made me throw up a warning.

    But if you've got the boomwhacker samples perhaps things have changed for the better. It certianly wouldn't hurt to ask DCStudios. And an instant download would be nice too.

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