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Topic: harddrive

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    what kind of harddrive would you guys recommend for gigastudio
    thanx for any kind of help

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    Re: harddrive

    Gerenerally , people get two HDs

    One for the applications (Windows, Gigastudio etc.,) Doesn\'t have to be that large or super fast.

    The second for your .gig file. This needs to have the fastest seek times & best transfer rate to work at low latency with no pops/clicks. You need generally want it to be as big as you can get it as audio files eat HD real estate for breakfast.

    SCSI is considered optional by most people. Ultra ATA 66 IDE drives come close to SCSI, at a lot cheaper price.

    Maztor 40gb, Cheetah SCSI, and IBM 30gb deskstars usually get praise on this board.

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    Re: harddrive

    If you want the max go for the Cheetah X15 18GB SCSI HD, at least for the second HD that holds the .gig files. A older 4.5 GB Cheetah could be used for Win and GS programs. If you use Sequencer Audio, maybe consider a third HD.

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